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Anthony Cotter Finance

Investor, Professional, Educator


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A bit about me

Hi I’m Anthony and I like finance. I am a finance professional who has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into financial assets and want to take all that I have learnt from the world of professional finance to help individuals build wealth.

From a young age I have always wanted to have money. When I was younger I wanted to have the big house with the fleet of Ferraris outside (part of me still does...), but being someone who is from a background where I didn’t know anyone with a HUGE house or a fast car I didn’t even know where to start.

I was always good with numbers, maths was my favourite subject, so that was what I studied. Throughout higher education and through university, just maths. I had no idea what I wanted to do as a job other than to make money. 

But what do you do with maths? 

Become a teacher? No thanks, I don’t want to be teaching me. 

Become an accountant? Boooring

By this time I started reading about some of the richest people in the world and how much money they earned a year, and it turns out these people owned these things called “hedge funds”. This was when I started to research these “hedge funds” and how I could own one. 

Ever since I have been focussed on educating myself to learn how to make money like these people, and it quickly came down to one thing, investing. 

Ever since I have read hundreds of books about finance and have studied for professional finance exams. This lead me to working in the finance industry, buying and selling hundreds of millions of financial assets. Working in the financial industry I have had a front row seat into the thinking of high net worth individuals who are making financial decisions, understanding how they think about investments and how they think of money. This has helped me invest hundreds of thousands of pounds of my own money and improve my skills as an investor. 

Over the course of learning and investing my money I have had countless questions from friends and family asking what they should do with their money, how they should manage their money and how to invest. This has resulted in me investing in excess of six figure sums of my friends' and family's money. 

Whilst it is great that I am investing on behalf of others, I continue to see one huge problem, knowing how to invest isn’t common knowledge. 
The most common question that I get is “How do you know this stuff?”, and without just saying that I read it or watched it you realise that this stuff isn’t taught at school. 

My aim is to help everyone achieve wealth and teach you what should have been taught at school.

Big love, 


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