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Hi I’m Anthony and I like finance. I am a finance professional who has professionally invested hundreds of millions pounds into financial assets and personally invested hundred of thousands into the stock market for myself, friends and family. 
Along the way I have learnt how to take control of my money and gone from zero saved to investing over six figure sums.
I want everyone to become rich and have the financial ability to live a life that they love with the ones that they love, without having to worry about money.

Anthony Cotter Finance online coaching

One-to-one coaching

“Why isn’t this taught in school?”

We learn so much in school that we don’t use, but we don’t learn the basics of how to manage our money. 
Instead it is left to trial and error with the hope that when we start earning it will just “click” and we will have more money and it won’t be a stress. 

Sadly this doesn’t happen. Money is one of the biggest stressors in our life, with many not feeling in control of their finances. 

We are bombarded by advertisements for credit cards, loans, big mortgages and buy now pay later schemes, if feels as if everyone is out to take our money, but we can take control. 

Don’t feel ashamed, no one has it sorted out (believe me, I have seen people who earn over £100,000 per year and still struggle to manage their money).

If you want personalised one-to-one coaching about exactly how you can better manage your money, save more and invest then check out my one-to-one coaching. 

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